Dear friends,


As we sit here cozily in our studio in Berlin, planning the year ahead, we thought we would share some behind the scenes news.


We started this studio with the mission to create beautiful garments, worthy of care and passing on. Or to be more precise, we started “a social business with a design approach reflecting a focus on simplicity, clean aesthetics and longevity”.


Two years down the line, we continue to question how best to get there: how to run a design studio with integrity, keeping our eyes on the target without hypocrisy, while enjoying the journey and each other throughout the process.


Our focus has been making garments that are long lasting, that will look good now and in five years, that are produced to the highest standards, both environmentally as well as socially. From using only organic and natural fibers to producing exclusively in Europe, our journey has been a challenge - one that we are very passionate about and want to continue standing up for.


The biggest challenge since we started KEMP GADEGÅRD has been to unite our vision with the reality of the fashion industry. Traditionally, brands produce between two to five collections a year, at specific dates, a year before they are made available to customers. We have found this model not only restrictive creatively but also, very unsustainable in its pace.


With these things in mind, we have decided to rethink the way we run the studio- and thought you should be the first to know!


From now on, we will launch our collections intermittently: only when we feel that the designs and materials are to the standards we strive for. This means, when we have found a supplier we trust, with fabrics traced to their production origins with impeccable quality. When Carmen, who runs our sewing atelier, has the capacity to produce our orders without haste.


In this new phase, we will experiment and do more collaborations, in the spirit of fostering and nurturing our artisanal culture, making quality objects and supporting our common cultural heritage- whether in clothes, carpets (hint!) or objects.


We are going to do physical pop ups and host open discussions. We want you to see, touch and feel our objects, tell us what you think and listen to other inspiring projects in the community.


Stay tuned for more. Thank you for being there.


Please share our studio with friends, colleagues or lovers who you think could be aligned to our vision. 


Love, Eilis & Maya

Louise Gadegaard