KEMP GADEGAARD- the first year!


Sneak peak of SS18


A summary of our first year running a sustainable womenswear label.


What a year! 

About 3 years ago, we sat under a tree in the rain in Hamstead Heath complaining about our jobs and not feeling fulfilled in our professional roles. That day, we decided to try and build a company that could address some of the structural inadequacies of the fashion system by making clothes in a way that didn't compromise labour relations, the environment or aesthetics. 

As most of you know, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, releasing dangerous toxins into our water systems, releasing overwhelming amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and employing people (mostly women) under deplorable conditions.

We decided to build a small studio focusing on designing timeless and aesthetic clothing with no compromises to our planet and its people. In practice, this means having a design studio in Berlin and a small production atelier in Spain, using only organic and natural fibres in our designs. 

Fast forward three years. We are sitting in our beautiful studio in Berlin (in the freezing cold!) preparing our wholesale selling for autumn winter 2018 (our fourth collection!). We are now present in 8 stores in Europe, geographically distributed between Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. You can see the list of our stores here

It has been a wonderful first year and we would like to thank all of you for supporting us. We are thrilled with the growth and positive feedback from our stockists and our customers and look forward to many more years of offering beautiful clothes at no social or environmental cost.


A bit more about the team: 

Eilis studied textile design (BA) in Dublin and worked for a number of prestigious fashion labels around the world, both in the design department as well as in quality control. After seeing how the industry worked from the inside, she understood the problems of the practices and pace of the fashion system and decided to do something to try to improve this. She then funded KG.

Maya studied International Relations and development studies (Msc) with the intention of addressing some of the elements that cause global inequality.  She ended up writing her thesis on alternative currency mechanisms and resistance to traditional banking and exchange, and worked with a number of non-governmental and state organisations before funding KEMP GADEGÅRD.

Louise Gadegaard