Objects & Aesthetics


KEMP GADEGÅRD, founded by Maya B. Gadegård and Eilis Kemp in 2016 is a design studio focusing on ethereal textiles and aesthetic objects. Born out of the ambition to produce garments conscientiously, we produce small, limited editions between our studios in Berlin and Spain, weaving environmental and socially responsible production into the core. Our style is minimal and timeless, with a strong reference to contemporary aesthetic and artistic manifestations. 

KEMP GADEGÅRD focuses on working with high quality, natural and organic materials. We produce to the highest labour standards with consideration for the environmental impacts of production and transportation.  For this reason, we produce our garments in Europe, in a small town just outside of Barcelona.


All of us are activists and investors in the present and future we want to build. By buying slowly, for the long haul, and wearing slowly and meaningfully, we are actively questioning the current system of disposable objects with built-in obsolescence and creating awareness about the environment, global labour standards, the political implications of consumption and with this, addressing issues of global inequality.


By creating seasonless pieces that can be worn in countless ways, we aim to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become increasingly pervasive. Our hope is to return to the days of a minimal, functional and beautiful wardrobe worthy of care and passing on.