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the knitwear 

For our first capsule knitwear collection, we have used organic sheeps wool and alpaca.

We source our yarns from a cooperative in the region of Arequipa in Peru. They work with a vast network of alpaca and wool farmers who live in the highlands in this region (above 4000m) and depend on their animals for survival. The vast majority of the more than three million alpacas in Perú belong to smalltime herdsmen who usually own fewer than one hundred animals.


The yarn is then hand-knitted into our garments by a small network of highly skilled artisan knitters in the United Kingdom. 


The Fishermans rib knit is an oversize, yet feminine, versatile winter jumper. 

It comes in three natural tones, a dark grey melange, light grey melange and an off white. 


The Prussian Blue Dress is a below the knee length dress with slits in the sides. It is made of alpaca and has delicate features - a  perfect fit for the colder evenings. 

Alpaca fiber is extremely soft and delicate. It does not contain lanolin, which is the cause of many wool allergies, and as it is a hollow core fiber it keeps you warmer than wool when you need to be warm, but breathes when you need to be cool. Alpaca fiber can be as fine as cashmere.